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Pharmacovigilance Training Testimonials

Selwan Mahmoud

A beautiful initiative, I benefited from it to the fullest, and the doctors in charge of it treat them very respectfully, trustworthy, and always keen to communicate correct and complete information in a simplified manner.

Ghada Ahmed

I did not have any background in PV I was surprised to fill ICSR as a professional Pharcovigilacne officer within 30 mins.

Mohamed Ali

The initiative was an amazing one, and I benefited from it to the fullest. The doctors in charge always treated me with respect, and honesty, communicated clear information about how things work–and they’re not afraid of getting into details if need be!

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Individual Case Safety Report



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Comprehensive ADEs reports Utilize the recent ICSR report template FDA Guidelines

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Postmarking Surveillance
Drug Life Cycle

Pharmacovigilance Online Course

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+20 Hours Video
Drug Development & Life Cycle
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