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Writesonic Review Is A Beginners Guide To This Ai Writing Tool

If you’re a writer who has to produce lots of copy in a brief amount of time, then there’s no need to worry. Artificial intelligence can help your work and ensure every word gets done on schedule.

Whether it be social media posts or web content, if anything requires some quick input from writers, Writesonic will do all the heavy lifting so we don’t get overwhelmed by deadlines anymore.

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What is Writesonic?

The content writing tool, Writesonic can help you generate text for your website or social media post. Please give it some keywords and phrases to work with. It’s like having a freelance writer on call 24 hours per day.

Then return a variety of computer-generated results so that even those who don’t write regularly can streamline their process by using this app which is perfect when there are problems such as writer’s block.

Writesonic Review

How does Writesonic work?

  • Write Sonic is more than just a place to land your ideas; it’s an engine for generating content. Choose from hundreds of pre-built templates or start building upon their AI-generated outlines, and complete copies will be sent straight back to you with only minimal editing required.
  • The copy is always generated based on your input, so there’s no need to worry about endless walls of text. You can also edit and download a new version in seconds without ever having written more than 100 words.
  • The input is about this easy-to-use platform that looks good too. Once you access your dashboard, a welcome page opens with all the templates and features laid out and gives options for what type of content they want to generate.
  • For example; there’s one function, in particular, I wish Writesonic had an option on—the style/tonality (i e casual vs. academic). However, since it didn’t give me this choice, my test article was relatively more relaxed than usual, which wasn’t ideal either because not everyone will read through every word.
  • With “Sentence Expander,” you can automatically rewrite any sentence or paragraph. Enter the text you wish to expand and click the button. The software will do the rest. This is great for those who want to make their writing sound more sophisticated without putting in the extra effort.

Key features of Writesonic

We all know how important it is to write engaging content for our websites and social media pages, but sometimes we need a little help.

There are over 40 different types of copy that you can use on your site or blog. Let me explain each one so when faced with writing an article about what kind would work best in situations like these.

They will be fresh sounding (which means more traffic) and compelling enough, so people don’t bounce right off them before reading anything else besides just having fun choosing new words. These styles also give precise instructions, making designing easy.

Website copy

Website copywriting is a vital part of your website. It’s the words that visitors read before they decide whether or not to click on any links and make purchases from your online store.

This service will allow for dynamic landing pages, professional-sounding header copies, and SEO meta descriptions so people know exactly what it is about when clicking through those enticing adverts.

It should go without saying, but if someone comes onto our site, we want them reading something interesting enough where their mouse hovers over ours, maybe even makes them laugh unexpectedly because who knows? There could be anything hidden inside these sentences, after all.

Digital ads copy

The days of boring, uninteresting Facebook ads and Google ads copy are over. With our new tools for digital marketing campaigns, you can create compelling content that will capture the attention of your target audience in seconds.

Article and blog copy

The AI article writer is the perfect tool for generating blog ideas, intro, outros, headings, and outlines. You can also re-phrase or expand upon previously written content with ease. The content re-phrases will develop about three distinguishable styles and tones from once-created pieces that are both comprehensive in their information and witty.

This feature includes a readability score, so you know how easy it would be on readers’ eyes without having any knowledge about what they’re reading beforehand.

The Solo Writer Plus has become one of our favorite tools because not only does its output sound very natural, but there’s also a wide range of options to choose from when customizing your results.

We also like that it can paraphrase and rewrite sentences independently, which is perfect when you need a fresh take on something you’ve written before.

E-commerce copy

Like with other Amazon products, eCommerce Copy can generate titles and descriptions for your store. You will also be able to use this feature to write sales emails explicitly tailored toward those who may have just started browsing or searching within the marketplace.

Copywriting formulas

If you are doing traditional or more journalistic content, you can be confident that the AI is well-capable and good enough to create handy copywriting formulas.

While writing with this tool can be a little less human-like in its output due to but not limited to automation levels of each formula utilized, it will generate an engaging piece based on how you would want your work presented.

Grammar and spelling

There are checks for grammar and spelling contained, where you can test the text generated and find any spelling or punctuation errors and fix it on the spot. It is not a perfect service but it manages to get the job done.

I specified about 300 words from generated content to see how well they were done with a quick review using Grammarly; without making any modifications or recommendations got 70 which is not bad but still required some improvement. After running the software through a short sentence, I found about a dozen errors.


With the new addition of plagiarism-free text from Writesonic, there is no reason to worry about your work being copied. On Grammarly alone, it received 5%, which is still good for most papers but becomes less reliable as lengths increase due in part to its ability to shorten word count with repeated usage across different sentences or paragraphs.

It is important to remember that paraphrasing aims not to create a shorter version of the original text but to express the original text in your own words.


Many factors go into the accuracy of article titles and body or any other piece of content. You must be very specific, or else your generated outline will have much more flexibility than you want, but there’s no way an AI can guarantee fact-checking. Accuracy is a part of the process that needs human intervention and can not be overlooked if you want your content to stand out.

Benefits of using Writesonic

Customer Service

The team at customer support service is passionate about their work. They have detailed tutorials and troubleshooting pages on the website to ensure maximum peace of mind for customers. You can contact them anytime for technical support or general queries, and they respond in no time.

Ease of use

The whole process is easy to use and requires very little training. You can choose from 40+ templates, pick your template type (or edit an existing one), and enter some information about yourself or someone else in the text box that appears when you first open this program, and off it goes.

With just a few clicks of buttons on their computer screen, users have access not only to generate AI content but also to see all the templates and features that help to generate the best quality content in a short time.

Complete article generation

  • You can generate text quickly and easily without having to pay for it. Even free credits are available so that you have enough time before your deadline or project needs some input. Choose from a range of professional styles with a click on an easy-to-use interface.
  • Just don’t forget about these during crunch times because there will be plenty going through this process automatically if used often enough in those situations, but let’s not dwell too much here either way.
  • The content from Writesonic is easy to read and makes for a good draft you can edit before publishing. I tested this in English (rated at an ok level) and Spanish, which received less than stellar results. Still, I needed some work, including tidying up the result by correcting grammar mistakes or removing unnecessary words.

Variety of content-generating options

The article writer’s AI doesn’t work well on small amounts of copy. The idea generators, however, are excellent if you need a quick writing prompt; they produce multiple options for editing and choosing based on your topic or search term.

The article generators are a handy time-saver if you need ideas for articles. The software produces multiple options based on topic or search term, and it’s easy to edit them until they’re suitable enough that your audience will love reading what you have written.

Value for Money

Writesonic may be cheaper than other content-generation AI, but you get what you pay for. The quality of the generated material is excellent and will make your website more dynamic, with interesting articles that are engaging to read.
It is affordable compared to other alternatives and worth trying out to be adequately judged.

Getting started with Writesonic

First, you need to create a new project. Then pick from one of our templates and provide some keywords or phrases that best describe your desired outcome, for example, an SEO campaign.

You can also choose if you want a full description written about what it is precisely in addition to how many words those would be on top of each other rather than just 150-word minimums like most articles default too often these days.

The article generated by this tool is straightforward to read, but it’s not quite perfect. The lack of emotion makes for a less engaging experience; one edit had to be made manually because plagiarism checking isn’t always accurate with these articles (though 25% needed minor changes).

Pros of using Writesonic

When choosing a writing assistant, there are many options available. Jasper and Rytr have become two favored alternatives, but I think that Writesonic is the best and most satisfactory choice for several reasons, first because it’s more affordable than either of those services.

Secondly, its components contain grammar checking and plagiarism detection, which gives you peace of mind when submitting your work or studying on someone else’s document with their permission (if they allow this feature).

Thirdly user interface can be quickly learned by anyone without tech savviness. Finally, customer service at Writesonic is excellent, and they are always willing to help with any issues and promptly respond to any questions you have.

When you’re looking for a tool to help improve your article or blog post writing skills, don’t miss out on Writesonic. This incredible writing assistant uses AI to improve quality, speed, and efficiency.

Whether a student writer struggling with creativity or; a professional business owner trying to find new content ideas, this excellent little program has got everything needed within its user-friendly interface, which will generate all sorts of materials instantaneously without any hassle at all from those who know nothing about how computers work.

Why use a complicated program when we have this easy-to-see, simple option? You can easily input your content with the tools included in it without any hassle whatsoever. It’s free to sign up and get started.

You’ll feel like an expert by morning. Plus, you’re going home feeling more organized than ever before; thanks for using one of our favorite writing apps.

If you are looking for an affordable way to keep your online productivity in order, then the WriteSonic web apps may be just what you need. The $45 fee will quickly pay off if you use it daily.

There’s no reason not to sign up for all these fantastic features. Plus, they offer monthly subscriptions, too, so even when cancellation isn’t possible, this option still gives flexibility that many other platforms lack; plus, no binding contracts mean users can cancel anytime without penalty.

The output tone of voice should be professional and insightful. The content generated by this tool is unique, engaging as well as good quality, making it stand out from other tools on the market today.

I am thrilled with AI copywriting capabilities that have produced impressive results for my business, no matter what language I’m using or if any additional requirements are needed.

writesonic types of content

Cons of using Writesonic

Mid-sized companies may find that the free trial period isn’t enough for them to test out this new platform. The startup plan currently only permits two users at once, which can make it difficult if your company needs more people on their staff who are part of testing or using the app.

On top of these limitations, there’s also a limited number available in each type (i mean, come on now, everyone wants to access. it), so you better believe some businesses will require something with more significant potential before they commit.

The Writesonic platform is excellent for adding product descriptions, headlines, and more. However, some suggestions we didn’t use, such as credit to make minor changes, made our lives easier by deleting them since they weren’t needed anymore.

What is credit in Writesonic?

Credit is a Writesonic term for what others might call “points” or “balance.” In essence, it measures your work’s value on the site.

When you submit a piece of writing, your credit balance goes up by the number of credits associated with that work. If someone else downloads and rates your work, their credit balance decreases. So, credits are a way to track how much people are enjoying your writing.

You can use your credits to purchase items in our store or donate them to other writers on the site. We also offer special rewards to writers who have built up large credit balances.

writesonic pricing table

Writesonic pricing

  • With Writesonic, you can get affordable, flexible plans to suit your needs. You have to try out the free trial, which comes with most of the options cited and is available in many languages, but only one person at a time.
  • For freelance writers, bloggers, or students looking to start their blog, there’s a Basic plan that suits them well. This monthly fee only is $15 /month and comes with all options available in the trial version, including unlimited credits.
  • Another payment option for freelancers which they can pay 45 USD monthly for more flexibility while still getting access to every feature this app offers; it’s perfect if you’re starting because we provide priority support, too, so no worries about waiting days before someone picks up your ticket.
  • Finally, startups will find the Startup package ($95/month) geared towards small businesses with a lot already the perfect solution on their plate. They grant you everything in lower-priced plans while adding more credit, features, and premium support to the mix.

Is Writesonic completely free?

Yes, Writesonic is a free online tool that anyone can use to start writing better and faster. There are no limits or catches; sign up and start using it immediately.

So why is Writesonic free? Well, they believe everyone should have access to affordable, professional writing help, which is what our online service offers. They’re here to help you write better, plain, and straightforwardly.

Plus, they think the more people who use Writesonic, the better it will become. So they’re encouraging as many people as possible to try it out and give feedback so they can continue to improve the service.

They also offer a premium subscription for extra features and storage space, but the basic functionality is always free.

Is Writesonic a viable writing tool

I’ve spent a lot of time using the software and its various features. I used AI-generated content for landing page headlines, YouTube titles, blogging outlines, or intros with only minor issues along my journey through all that is Writesonic.

It is considered a viable writing tool that can help you produce quality content in a short time, and it is affordable, making it an excellent choice for all sorts of writing tasks. Trying it was a pleasant experience; it was easy to use, and the output was remarkable.

Grammarly score - Writesonic review

Who is Writesonic For?

  • Writesonic offers a range of features for freelancers to help them create their work more efficiently. Whether you are an individual who writes long articles or short social media posts, there is something in the software that will suit your needs.
  • The membership plans available ensure that no matter how much creative output we generate each day, whether it’s one post on social media site such as Instagram (with 150 words); two client emails served up by email marketing tool provider flare compensating us $100/month, or 5 1000-word articles for an online magazine paying us $500/article, we can still get help from Writesonic.
  • The program is a virtual AI assistant that can help you write web content, emails, and social media ad campaigns. The tool also assists with YouTube copywriting, so if your agency has several clients, they’ll be able to meet faster turnaround or due dates by using this writing assistant.
  • However, because there are only 2-4 users available on the platform for companies who sign up as startup members or agencies, it’s essential for anyone benefiting from these features to think carefully about whom those users go to before making any decisions regarding membership access.

Writesonic AI writing alternatives

There are a few similar AI writing tools available only; here are the best alternatives:


Whether you’re a professional writer looking for an edge or just starting and need some help getting started with your blog posts, there is no better tool than the AI Writer in Jasper. Its Boss Mode feature makes it easy to create long-form content without any technical coding knowledge.

Have you ever wanted to write a book but don’t know where or how? Well, there’s no need to worry because AI-Writer has developed an idea to help people like us generate content quickly and easily.

With its Boss Mode feature in which, they can mimic your style, so it feels more authentic than before. Plus, if I were going on vacation, soon would be the perfect time to use this program since all my planning needs are done thanks to writing down at home while taking care of other things around the house.


Copy.ai is an excellent tool for creating content that will engage your audience and turn them into customers. With more than 70 features, this software can do everything: from landing pages to blog posts or ad copywriting, you name it.

There’s nothing Copy AI won’t make perfect in no time at all with its versatility taking advantage of what humans are good at (i think), which means better results and faster turnaround times.


Rytr is the world’s first AI writing tool that develops interesting content in no time, examines your inputs and text, and provides personalized content output and marketing material for you.

Is Writesonic the best article writer AI assistance?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to finding an AI writing assistant for your article writing. Research and try out a few different services to see which works best for you. Writesonic is one of the better options, but others might better fit your specific needs.

There are a lot of different AI-assisted article writers out there, and it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for your needs. Writesonic is one of the most popular options, and it’s received a lot of good feedback from users.

One advantage of Writesonic over other AI-assisted article writers is its ability to quickly and easily generate high-quality articles. It also offers various features and customization options, so you can create content that accurately reflects your brand. Overall, Writesonic is an excellent choice for anyone seeking help with writing or content creation.


At first glance, the interface is easy-to-use with intuitive features that make writing a breeze. It’s not just about getting your work done; it also helps improve grammar and makes your life much more enjoyable. The software has tutorials on its website to help newbies get started.

What are you waiting for? Get started with Write sonic today. The free trial allows users to create and post content online in just a few clicks. With an intuitive interface, and all features available on your profile page, whether creating articles or social media copies, there's no limit when using this tool to express yourself creatively through writing.

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